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Bourbon Fundamentals: Applied Sensory Exploration


Elevate Your Bourbon Journey: Bourbon Fundamentals Class #3

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable bourbon tasting experience with our exclusive Class #3! Led by seasoned Executive Bourbon Stewards, explore premium bourbons from diverse distilleries and regions, refine your tasting skills, and deepen your appreciation for America’s native spirit. Limited spots available—reserve now!

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Wrapping up the final course in our Bourbon Fundamental Series.

Applied Sensory Exploration builds on the foundational knowledge gained in our previous classes. In Bourbon Fundamentals: Applied Sensory Exploration, we invite you to continue on your immersive journey into the sensory dimensions of bourbon tasting.


Class Focus:

In this third instalment, we’ll take your bourbon journey to new heights by exploring new senses and tastes, developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for America’s native spirit. From aroma to taste, we’ll engage with bourbon in innovative ways, unlocking new sensory experiences and enhancing your tasting proficiency.


What to Expect:

Sensory Awakening:

Prepare to discover a full spectrum of sensory experiences that bourbon has to offer. Engage with bourbon through sight, smell, and taste, as we delve in to how your senses enhance the overall tasting experience.

Exploration of New Tastes:

Expand your tasting repertoire by exploring new flavors and feels in bourbon. From spicy to sweet, floral to fruity, we’ll uncover the diverse range of taste profiles that bourbon can exhibit.

Hands-on Sensory Exercises:

Engage in interactive sensory exercises designed to heighten your awareness and deepen your appreciation of bourbon. Learn how to identify subtle aromas, detect mouthfeel variations, and appreciate the nuances of bourbon’s sensory characteristics.

Who Should Attend:

With this class , you complete our three part series on Bourbon Fundamentals. This capstone class, Applied Sensory Exploration, is perfect for bourbon enthusiasts looking to broaden their sensory horizons and deepen their understanding of bourbon tasting. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced bourbon drinker, Applied Sensory Exploration Class offers an exciting opportunity to apply your knowledge in exploring new sensory dimensions and refining your tasting skills.