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Bourbon Fundamentals Series: Complete series of classes


Unlock the full journey to bourbon mastery with our comprehensive three-class series, combining foundational knowledge, practical tasting techniques, and immersive sensory exploration. Secure your spot in this exclusive program and gain access to all three expertly guided classes in one seamless purchase. Elevate your bourbon appreciation from novice to connoisseur and save by booking the complete experience today!

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At Drunken Unicorn Productions, our Bourbon Sensory Tasting Series is more than just a sequence of classes; it’s a transformative journey into the world of bourbon. Our Executive Bourbon Stewards are your expert guides as you navigate each layer of flavor, aroma, and experience within America’s native spirit. Whether you’re just beginning your journey or refining your already keen palate, this immersive trilogy will awaken your senses, enhance your knowledge, and help you find YOUR unicorn — your perfect pour.


Selecting this course you are purchasing all three classes of the complete series.


Class 1: Introducing Bourbon Fundamentals: Unlocking the Secrets of America’s Spirit

Kickstart your journey with a foundational exploration of bourbon. In this two-and-a-half-hour class, you’ll gain insights into the history, production, and tasting techniques of bourbon. Guided by our seasoned experts, you’ll sample four hand-picked bourbons, sharpen your tasting skills with practical exercises, and uncover the mysteries of unicorn bourbons — those elusive, rare pours every enthusiast dreams of finding.


Class 2: Bourbon Fundamentals: Applied Tasting Techniques

Building upon your newfound knowledge, the second class focuses on refining your tasting skills with practical exercises and comparative analysis. You’ll explore different flavor profiles, mouthfeel, and finishes while learning to articulate your tasting notes and preferences confidently. Expert feedback and insider tips will help you elevate your bourbon exploration to the next level.


Class 3: Bourbon Fundamentals: Applied Sensory Exploration

Complete your journey with a sensory awakening. In this capstone class, you’ll delve into the spectrum of bourbon aromas, flavors, and textures through hands-on sensory exercises designed to heighten your awareness and proficiency. Learn how your senses enhance the tasting experience, and uncover diverse flavor profiles while identifying subtle characteristics that distinguish each bourbon.


Join the Bourbon Sensory Tasting Series and let Drunken Unicorn Productions be your guide in the quest for the perfect pour! Reserve your spot today and immerse yourself in the world of bourbon like never before.